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Welcome to the Healthy Ageing Challenge Community of Practice

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The Healthy Ageing Challenge Community of Practice is a learning community that brings together organisations with an interest in developing solutions that support people to age well. 

It is a space for members to collaborate, problem-solve and share their expertise, learnings and insights.

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About the Healthy Ageing Challenge Community of Practice

The UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) Healthy Ageing Challenge aims to enable businesses, including social enterprises, to develop and deliver products, services and business models that will be adopted at scale which support people as they age. This will allow people to remain active, productive, independent and socially connected across generations for as long as possible. 

Amongst the 'trailblazer projects' being funded as part of this work are a new living lab village which will support people with dementia, flexible options to help older people to improve their homes, and a project that will create local ‘tribes’ of small providers of adult social care where there are gaps. If successful these projects could attract up to £40m of funding from UKRI, create new jobs, stimulate local economies and boost the UK’s expertise in extending quality of life in older age.

The Healthy Ageing Challenge supports the UK government’s Ageing Society Grand Challenge and is part of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, which brings together leading researchers and businesses to tackle today’s most important societal issues. 

The Healthy Ageing Challenge Community of Practice brings together the different organisations who are involved or interested in this work. It aims to create a joined-up approach to early innovation, through building an environment of shared learning, accelerated development and collaboration. 

The Community of Practice is run by the Centre for Ageing Better.

To find out more about the Healthy Ageing Challenge, UKRI or the Centre for Ageing Better, visit the About us page.

To find out more about the community of organisations that are part of the Community of Practice, including the Trailblazers, Catalysts and Investor Partners on the Members page. 

An introduction to the Healthy Ageing Challenge Community of Practice

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